Can you match the key scholars to the correct overview?

Sociologist Year Theory it may support or be used by Study Overview
1945 Functionalist
Education is used to allocate people to jobs/roles that are best suited to their abilities. Known as ‘role allocation.’
1922 Social Action Theory
Socio-economic position in society is based around power, status and class. Not simply based on the ownership of capital (wealth) or class.
1990 Feminist
Identifies how gender inequality is structured in the economy, polity, violence and civil society, e.g. women being paid less at work and women doing the majority of the housework and childcare. Patriarchy clearly exists but has changed its form over time.
1990 New Right
Too much help from the state through benefits helps to develop an ‘under class’ who rely on the state and do not want to work. As such, benefits should be cut or removed.