Can you match the key scholars to the correct overview?

Sociologist Year Theory it may support or be used by Study Overview
1973 Functionalist
In their book ‘The Symmetrical Family’ they identified 4 stages of the family and show that families now have less to do with their extended family. In the stage 3 family, adults in the family share decisions and appear to be much more equal. They suggest a variety of reasons for these changes, such as an increase in male wages, having less children and an increase in geographical mobility.
1976 Marxist
Family is seen as an aid to capitalism as it is based on the domestic labour of housewives who produce the next generation of workers. Family consumes the products of capitalism, which increases profits for the ruling class.
1992 Feminist
It is men, not capitalism, who benefit the most from exploiting women. Families are mainly patriarchal, where men make the final decisions. Women who work still do the majority of household tasks. Referred to as the ‘dual burden’.
1974 Feminist
Identified that strong segregated roles in the family still existed in the 70s. She focused her study on house work and found that women still did the majority of it, even if they worked.