Read the words and discuss what you think they might mean before revealing the definition.

Bourgeoisie – the ruling class, in a capitalist society, who owns the means of production and employ the proletariat.

Proletariat - used in Marxist theory to describe those who don’t have ownership of the means of production and have to sell their labour for a wage.

Social construction - ideas and values that are formed by the society in which you live.

Prejudice – an idea of what someone is like based on a pre-judgement about him or her.

Discrimination - an action for or against someone often because of prejudice

Stereotyping – a set idea that people have about what someone or something is like. This idea is usually inaccurate.

Scapegoating – when a group of people are blamed for some of society’s problems.

Legislation - laws which have been passed by Parliament.

Moral panic - when the media exaggerates the activities of certain groups and causes panic among people about the values or safety of society.

Subculture - a group of people with different norms and values from mainstream society.

'Old boys' network' - informal system usually referring to the upper class where men help other men who have a similar background to themselves e.g. attended the same school.

Sexism - discrimination based on sex or gender.

Glass ceiling - an invisible barrier caused by sexism and discrimination that prevents women reaching top jobs.

Racism - a belief in the biological and cultural superiority of one race over another.

Ageism - discrimination based on differences in age.

Sexuality - describes sexual identity, attraction and experiences.

Homophobia - fear of, or hatred of, homosexuality, gay and lesbian people and their culture.

Globalisation - the idea that the world is becoming increasingly inter-dependent through new communications and technology.