Can you match the key scholars to the correct overview?

Sociologist Year Theory it may support or be used by Study Overview
1903 Functionalist
Education helps to create social solidarity (shared values of the community). It teaches people specialist skills to give them a specific role in society.
1961 Functionalist
Education acts as a bridge between work and home. Schools are meritocratic and everybody has the opportunity to do well.
1976 Marxist
Schools are designed to mirror the work place, which produces a hard-working and disciplined work force. This benefits the wealthy and reinforces inequality.
2000 Feminist
The success of girls is due to them constructing feminine identities (quiet, orderly, mature), which helps them to succeed in school. Also, girls expect to face gender discrimination in employment, which motivates them to work harder to achieve in their exams.
1975 Marxist
In 'Learning to Labour', Willis argues that the 'lads' reject education because they see through the system and realise they can't all be socially mobile.
1981 Interactionist
In his work based on ‘Beachside Comprehensive’ he found that teachers had higher expectations of students in the top sets/streams and pushed them academically much more than those students in the lower sets/streams. As such these students, in the lower sets, achieved much less at school.