Read the words and discuss what you think they might mean before revealing the definition.

Patriarchy – dominance of society by men.

Labelling – people come to identify and behave in ways that reflect how others label them.

Hidden curriculum – messages that are passed on informally to students including behaviours, perspectives and attitudes.

Streaming – pupils are split into groups according to ability and stay together for all lessons.

Setting – putting groups of students together for particular subjects based on ability.

Anti-school sub culture – a social group in the school which rejects education and teachers.

Self-fulfilling prophecy – people come to identify and behave in the way that people incorrectly label them.

Material deprivation – when a person is without money or the things which money can buy such as books, equipment for school.

Catchment area – geographical area from which pupils are entitled to attend a school.

Counter school culture – a group that students join that goes against the usual accepted behaviours of the rest of the school.

Curriculum – refers to a lesson or academic content taught in schools or on a specific course or program.

Masculinity – Refers to socially accepted characteristics, norms and roles for males in society.

Feminisation (of schools) – a shift in gender roles and emphasis in schools towards a focus on females.

Positive peer pressure – the influence of a peer group that encourages good behavior.

Negative peer pressure – social pressure from a peer group to behave in a deviant way.

Meritocracy – success is based on ability and hard work.