Can you match the key scholars to the correct overview?

Sociologist Year Theory it may support or be used by Study Overview
1957 Functionalist
When people feel pressured to follow societies accepted goals, people can either conform, or respond in a variety of ways, such as crime, as an alternative way of achieving these goals. Also known as Strain Theory.
1955 Subcultural
Working class boys feel ‘status frustration’ as they have little chance of achieving success legitimately. As a result of this they join subcultures that value crimes such as vandalism, which in turn gives them status amongst their peers.
1973 Marxist
In ‘Roughnecks and Saints’ study, it is shown that despite participating in similar types of behaviour, the working class ‘roughneck’ boys are arrested more frequently and punished more harshly than their more middle class peers (the saints).
1963 Interactionist
In his study ‘The Outsiders’ it is shown that once labelled as deviant by society then a ‘deviant career’ may be the result. It is society that defines people’s actions as deviant.
1985 Feminist
Explores why women are under-represented in criminal statistics. She accepts there may be leniency towards women. She also argues women are highly controlled by society and specifically patriarchy. Caring for children restricts the free time women have and their range of movement. By not conforming they face being labelled as ‘unfeminine’.
1988 Feminist
Women in poverty see crime as the only route to a decent standard of living, if they cannot achieve this through conventional means. Crime for them is a rational choice.