Read the words and discuss what you think they might mean before revealing the definition.

Crime – actions which are against the law.

Deviance - actions which break social norms

Sanction - a reward or punishment used to make people conform to social norms and values.

Ethnicity – the cultural group that a person belongs to which may include religion, nationality or way of life.

Gender - differences in socially constructed roles of males and females.

Anomie – a state where some people in society do not follow the accepted norms and values of that society.

Strain Theory – the idea that the pressure to succeed encourages some people to turn to crime or deviance.

Chivalry Thesis - the idea that women are treated more favourably by police and courts.

Institutional Racism - when the culture of an organisation is racist.

Official Statistics - statistical information provided by the government and government agencies.

Self-Report Study - when people are asked to say whether they have committed crimes in a questionnaire and the results are kept confidential.

Unreported Crime - crimes that people may frequently choose not to log with the police e.g. muggings, assaults.

Invisible Crime - crime that can be hidden well, is generally committed in private, online or may not always be obvious e.g. cyber-crime, slavery, stealing materials from work.

Police Bias - where police may treat people differently depending on their race, gender, sexuality or social background e.g. black male youths are more likely to be stopped and searched by police on the street.