Christianity – Resurrection


Bultmann argues that the Biblical accounts come from a pre-modern worldview which no longer applies to our modern age. Fill in the contrasting views in the modern worldview column which might suggest Bultmann’s view is correct. Click the suggested response button to compare your answers before printing.

Pre-modern (Bible) worldview Modern (21st century) worldview

The earth is at the centre

The earth revolves around the sun in a reality of multiple universes

The heavens are above and the earth beneath

We float freely attracted by the gravitational pull of the sun, revolving at 6,000 mph

The earth is the dominion of Satan (the devil) who is at war with God and his angels

There is no ‘spiritual war’ just a rational debate about the meaning of good and evil

After death we go either to heaven (above) or to hell (underneath) according to how we’ve lived and our relationship with God

Hell does not exist and if there is a God then he would be loving and all would be in heaven after death.