Tennant vs Swinburne

Read these views and then discuss the following:

The teleological Argument – Page 1






What did Tennant say?

Tennant, in his book; ‘Philosophical Theology’ said that there must be a designer because;

  • The universe perfectly fits the development of life.
  • The universe is designed in a way that allows life to grow and develop.
  • Most importantly, it is designed to develop intelligent human life.
  • This is the ‘Anthropic Principle’.

Tenant also spoke of the ‘Aesthetic Argument’ – that humans can appreciate and enjoy beauty, music, art, literature – none of which is vital to survival, but is there to develop qualities of beauty and love.

Further discussion point: is beauty evidence of design?


What did Swinburne say?

  • Spatial order (the regularities of co-presence) such as the complex structure of plants and animals can be explained by the theory of natural selection.
  • Temporal order (the regularities of succession) such as the laws of nature throughout the universe cannot be explained.
  • A scientific explanation merely explains laws in terms of more general laws.
  • It does not explain why there is order rather than chaos.
  • Either there is no explanation or there must be a being of infinite power and knowledge, i.e. God.